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My bad

I’ve been stuck on a piece of CSS lately, simply couldn’t get the :hover to work on an anchor <a> element, in IE6 offcourse. Setting the positioning, the positioning of the container element, floats, z-index’s. All to no use. In the end I gave in and posted my problem on css-discuss. This is the reply I got:

This is the trouble line: <a class="link">Les mer<⁄a>. For an anchor tag to take effect, it has to have the href=”” attribute set, otherwise the link won’t fire and it seems that IE6 isn’t
acknowledging your <a> tags without href, hence your lack of :hover effects.

What a headslapping moment. I was so fixated on the problem being with IE6, that I didn’t realize the problem was in the chair.


The Z wants me

I’ve never seen a better workrelated reason to leave Norway. My dreamworkplace has a position up for grabs, but it ain’t gonna be for me. Instead of putting a list of crappy excuses, I’ll say that it’s to do with my current geographic location to these:

I. Want. This!

Now excuse me, but I have a portfolio to work on.

Jenna Jameson and iPhone

I think I want my girlfriend’s job. Apperently she gets to work on images of the iPhone and Jenna Jameson. She wouldn’t send me any of the photos though :( This is what I imagine it would look like:

Jenna Jameson on iPhone

(I turned off google images safesearch for this one, and Woah! there’s alot of naked skin out there… )