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Bite my shiny pixelated ass! I was wrong. No biggie – I, you, and everyone else got what they wanted. There hasn’t been a single feed in my rss-reader that hasn’t mentioned iPhone in the last 36 hours. Even the haters want one. I’m not gonna tell you what I think of it, everyone else and their grandmas dog have done that allready. I want one. I will have one. Nuff said.

Living in Euroland I have to wait til Q4 this year, but that’s a good thing as it gives me time to save up some $ € to buy an iPhone out of contract. Because that’s the way things work here. And I’ve descided that Apple will pay for my iPhone. That is, AAPL will pay for it. I bought some stock the minute Steve Jobs announced it, and today I’m allready up to 1/5th of an iPhone.

Below is the AAPL graph during the keynote.

  1. NASDAQ starts for the day, stock is ricing at a steady pace, faster then a normal day, in antisipation of what to come.
  2. 9am San Fran time. Keynote begins and the trading of AAPL stock freezes. No sales. No buys.
  3. All the livebloggers writes- “From now we’ll only talk about the Mac” or something along those lines. Which is weird because they got it all wrong, looking at the keynote broadcast the exact opposite is being said. The result was that the stock took a dive.
  4. Steve drops the iBomb! And the curve shoots through the roof.

AAPL graph

On day 2 AI (after iPhone) the stock continued its raise til an alltime high of $97. Offcourse there will be a backlash, it’s only a question of when, how big and for how long.