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How to trick your client into wanting a webstandards site

I’ve been dying to get a brief for any ‘ol new bulletproof webstandards supporting websites, but they seldom come along. Granted, I’ll do my best to incorporate it anyhow, within budget and all. But rarely do I get the request from the other side of the table.

Until recently, when I discovered a little loophole. And I’m gonna share it with you.

It’s easier to sell SEO then webstandards, semantic markup etc. One thing says make more money, the other one says extra work. But they really are closely related. So when you want to do some nice markup, tell your client that it’s to get a higher Google rank rather then it’s for that blind user that might surf by. Your boss will also be happy to hear that you are a SEO specialist as well as a webdesigner ;-)

A bit of a sidenote, but on the same page: while you’re at it, tell them how the handheld webbrowsing marked is exploding at this very moment. Refer to sales of 3G mobilephones and PDAs, and see how many more phones there are then PCs. And that you can design for them too, but only if they let you care about webstandards, valid markup, xhtml, css, microformats and such.