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Save the world

Today is Blog Action Day. What is that? It’s a reason for me to go off-topic and list up a few things I do to make the future a little bit more pleasant. I believe that doing yours for the environment is more important then weather to use strict or transitional doctype…

It doesn’t need to be any big changes. Here’s a little list of what I do at home today, perhaps there’s some you haven’t thought of, or some I haven’t thought of. That’s your cue to let me know.

  1. Turn off lights and heating in rooms you’re not using.
  2. Recycle paper. Those newspapers sure rack up quick!
  3. Recycle aliminium.
  4. Recycle plastic.
  5. Recycle glass.
  6. Return empty bottles.
  7. Bring a fabric bag or backpack when you go grocery shopping instead of taking home a new plastic bag each time.
  8. Use public transport.
  9. Don’t use your car for local transportation.
  10. If you have to use your car to work, try carpooling.
  11. Ride your bike!!!
  12. Buy local food. That is food that has traveled short. Go to your local farmers marked.
  13. Eat less meat. Really, it’s not that hard!
  14. Go on holidays that doesn’t require airplane rides. The train can also be nice.
  15. Grow your own vegitables.

Some of those might seem pointless, but they aren’t! They help me keeping a conscious mind while doing normal everyday things. Also it makes you feel good about yourself. I don’t mind riding the bike through rain and snow instead of sitting in a nice warm car. The bike still gets me faster to work. And after I sold my last car my bank account is noticeably healthier.

There you go, my 15 ways to save the world. (Now there’s a heading that would fit Digg.)