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Shuffle saviour?

iPod Shuffle 1.genOne of my favorite blogs for everything Apple related came with a hint on saving a dead iPod Shuffle. Which suits me perfect, my 1-gen Shuffle has been lying in the drawer waiting for me to try all sorts of diagnostics for a few months now. It’s gone so far that recently I’ve been looking for mobilephones with mp3 playing skills. Offcourse I could get a 2-gen Shuffle, they look pretty sweet. But I like my white piece of plastic. And I just got it replaced last summer, as the first one started melting.

Anyhow, I’m still at work, but can’t wait to get home and try the iPod Reset Utility.

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Where did all that dust come from?

Today I had the best intentions of making this site, well – more of a site and less a blog. But things came up. Bulleted for your comfort they were things like:

  • Riding a bike through the rain trying to keep laptop dry
  • Picking up a iPod nano (product) RED , a gift to a friends 30th
  • Delivering the present. Engraved with “Demo model. Please do not remove from store.”

Back home I got attacked by vicious killer rabbits at ankle height. Barely daring to walk barefoot I walked to the dark cave behind the couch and awoke the one that could deal with the vicious killer rabbits – The Vacum Cleaner. The fight against the floor-level threat was a long and hard one, but in the end the Vacum Cleaner could victoriously retreat to its resting.

Obviously this isn’t the most visited blog on the internets. Yet. I’m still feeling my way through the tubes, learning to walk. But it didn’t take me very long to discover and become obsessed with the blog stats. It is interesting seeing what leads to visits and what doesn’t. So todays little try is to add this page to the 50 million others at Technorati.

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