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Font rasterization in Windows XP

If you are on Windows XP1 and have upgraded to Internet Explorer 7, you know, the Internet with glossy buttons, you’ve perhaps noticed that the text looks a slightly smoother then before? That is because in IE7 Windows’ ClearType is enabled by default. You can do this systemwide if you like it. And if you for some unknown reason to mankind prefer IE6 you should do yourself a favor and follow these settings.

  1. Click “Start” and open the Controlpanel.
  2. Doubleclick the Display icon to open the Display settings panel
  3. Select the Appearance tab
  4. Then select the “Effects…” button
  5. Make sure the checkbox next to “Use the following method for font smoothning…” is checked 2
  6. Select “ClearType” from the dropdown
  7. …and click OK, and then enable or ok again

That’s it. You’re done. Now your eyes will thank you for making it less stressfull looking at the screen all day.

If you want to know more check out Wikipedias entry on font rasterization.

  1. None of this applyes to Windows Vista, as it is enabled by default. But feel free to correct me.
  2. My version of Windows XP is in Norwegian, so my translations are likely to be somewhat off from a English version.

Shuffle saviour?

iPod Shuffle 1.genOne of my favorite blogs for everything Apple related came with a hint on saving a dead iPod Shuffle. Which suits me perfect, my 1-gen Shuffle has been lying in the drawer waiting for me to try all sorts of diagnostics for a few months now. It’s gone so far that recently I’ve been looking for mobilephones with mp3 playing skills. Offcourse I could get a 2-gen Shuffle, they look pretty sweet. But I like my white piece of plastic. And I just got it replaced last summer, as the first one started melting.

Anyhow, I’m still at work, but can’t wait to get home and try the iPod Reset Utility.

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Sarcasm on the WSG

This came in on the WSG mailing list today:

> When i tiurn css off on a page i have done everything reverts to
> default (i.e. h1, h2, etc.) and lines up down the left side of the
> page. without using tables, is there a way to maintain the layout
> when css is turned off?

Hmmm…. Is there a way to make a over worked woman who constantly
get beatup up by clients ridiculours request to look radiant in the
afternoon when she woke up, without taking take a bath, have her cup
of black coffee and without putting up her makeup?

I gotta love the sarcasm.

CSShristmas spirit

I have been recieving great help from the css-discuss emailing list for almost 2 years now. Whenever I’m stuck there will always be a helpfoul soul out there that can fix my problem, or at the very least point me in the right direction. css-discuss has saved me from quite an extensive hairloss, no doubt about it.

But I’ve been very bad at helping others. Sham on me. So my newyears resolution comes a little early this year, and I’m gonna try to help one person every day. It really shouldn’t take to much of my time, and I’ll keep my css’ing up to date those weeks when I’m completly stuck in Photoshop or simular. Pluss I’ll earn some good karma.  And browniepoints.  mmm brooownieee. What comes around goes around. Offcourse, you could email me, or leave a comment somewhere here if that’s your thing.