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Free online web course

Westciv, the publishers of a number of comprehensive self paced courses for learning CSS, HTML/XHTML and standards based design are giving away a completely free (X)HTML and CSS online course. If you are serious about learning and knowing standards based web design this is a free lunch worth saying yes too. According to some of the blogs in my feedreader this course has been around for some time, but has now been updated to better reflect modern browser’s support. I haven’t done the course myself, but as I understand this course has been the foundation for many of today’s well known designers. Furthermore it’s said to be good for a learner to intermediate level.

If this is old news to you, and you think you know everything there is to know, then why don’t you join Molly in her quest for making the www a better place?


One Joost beta invite

Update: It’s to late now. The invites expired on 22. March. Hint: If you can’t wait it might be worth checking out tv-links and Peekvid ;)

I’ve got one beta invite for Joost, the interactive TV thingy. So I’m gonna double copycat Eirikso – If you have a blog, post an article with a link to When you post a comment here I’ll use your email of choice to send the invite too. First come first served rules.

PS. Joost won’t work on PowerPC Macs. Sorry :(

AIR listening party

AIR Pocket Symphony albumcoverAIR, the french group that did Moon Safari and Walkie Talkie, has finally put together a new album – “Pocket Symphony”.
It’s not for sale until March 6, 2007, but today they are having an online preview listening party, streaming the whole album for 24 hours. All you need to do is register some details. Listen to it at

I’m listening to it right now, and it is pure joy for my ears. I’ve loved AIR ever since I first heard Sexy Boy back in 1998 when I was living in France. And now that they are doing a online preview thing – what more can I say that I’m impressed? It’s so good to see artist who embrace the possibilites the web has to offer instead of stubbornly refuse to admit that they can’t keep full controll of all media at all times.