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I won $950.000 in the lottery scam

Someone in Spain thinks I’m an idiot.

Today I received my first you’ve-won-the-lottery junk mail that made it past my spam-filter and into my inbox. Electronically. I’ve gotten one in analog-mail once, but that’s another post.

There’s so many wrong things with this I feel obligated to share, just for giggles. Here’s a the email in full. I’ll keeping all names and emails in here, as they are fuckers anyway.

from: Euromillion Loteria Español <>
subject: THE Euro Million lottrey award 2007.


Lottery Group: Consolation Prize Group Your ticket
number:ES/007/05/12/MAD. with Serial
number GHT/2907/333/07
drew the lucky number: ES/108/41/90/LOTT.


You have You have been approve for the star prize of $ 950,000.00 (Nine Hundred And Fifty Thousand dollars. Only)

Software email lottery conducted by SPANISH NATIONAL LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS here in spain

In which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered by
the Internet. Contact our Promotion Claims Agent.

National Trust Agency
Dr,Pualy Ulrich
Address: Avda .Del Petroleo 222 Polig
Madrid Spain.

Mrs. Grace Karimu
(Zonal Coordinator

And how many names and emails can one person use?

  1. The sender address is Euromillion Loteria Espanñol a.k.a.
  3. then there’s a “Promotion Claims Agent” – Dr,Pauly Ulrich (yes dr with a comma) with a
  4. email,
  5. finally it’s signed by Mrs. Grace Karimu Zonal Coordinator

Awesome! And with enough spelling mistakes to loose a spelling bee against Ralph Wiggum. A quick search on “Euromillion Loteria Espanñol” gives nothing but hits saying scam, spam, ripp-off, junk, burn in hell and so on. The absolute highlight is the following line (emphasis is mine):

[…]e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered by
the Internet.

So the Internet chose me to win a lottery i didn’t enter. That is so nice. Thank you Internet.

Why some people still fall for this is beyond my belief. Searching any of the names in the email gives hundreds of hits on blogs, designated anti-scam websites, forums and so on, all saying scam. And with what a to me surprisingly high number of people who have actually taken the bate. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, there are a lot of people who thinks the Google or Yahoo! homepage is “the Internet“, and will look for their lost passwords there. Or search for on AOL …


Sarcasm on the WSG

This came in on the WSG mailing list today:

> When i tiurn css off on a page i have done everything reverts to
> default (i.e. h1, h2, etc.) and lines up down the left side of the
> page. without using tables, is there a way to maintain the layout
> when css is turned off?

Hmmm…. Is there a way to make a over worked woman who constantly
get beatup up by clients ridiculours request to look radiant in the
afternoon when she woke up, without taking take a bath, have her cup
of black coffee and without putting up her makeup?

I gotta love the sarcasm.

CSShristmas spirit

I have been recieving great help from the css-discuss emailing list for almost 2 years now. Whenever I’m stuck there will always be a helpfoul soul out there that can fix my problem, or at the very least point me in the right direction. css-discuss has saved me from quite an extensive hairloss, no doubt about it.

But I’ve been very bad at helping others. Sham on me. So my newyears resolution comes a little early this year, and I’m gonna try to help one person every day. It really shouldn’t take to much of my time, and I’ll keep my css’ing up to date those weeks when I’m completly stuck in Photoshop or simular. Pluss I’ll earn some good karma.  And browniepoints.  mmm brooownieee. What comes around goes around. Offcourse, you could email me, or leave a comment somewhere here if that’s your thing.