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HDR bonanza

Another HDR image. This one is a couple days older, and not with my fine Leica. It’s taken with a Canon D20, from my balcony. Luckily I did more than just look straight out the window, but took the effort of manouvering past my first ever Christmas-tree to open the door out. Othervise I would’ve missed this view. I composited the picture following this tutorial, allthough there are other tutorials out there as well.



Christmas waterfall HDR

Got a new camera for Christmas. Yey! It is amazing, stunning, awesome, fantastic, black, Leica D-Lux 3. So I’ve been playing with some HDR tutorials. Although this image is from jpgs, not RAW… oh well.

Holy christmas!

In this great christian country where church and state are married sunday really is the day to rest. All shops are always closed. Except when the holiest of all the seasons come. Christmas. Birth of the big J and Santa. You’d expect shops would to be perticulary closed at this time, since it’s high season for churchgoing and worshipping. But not so much so, in fact, they’re more open then ever. Even Sundays. How strange. Surely money isn’t that important. Someone please explain?