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But where will the kengaroos go?

Part of my studies, the main part actually, consisted of living in a different country, namely Australia. To be more presise, I lived in Perth, West Australia (not Scotland). For you in the not-know (it’s ok, I won’t blame you), it is entitled the Most Isolated City – in the World! By which I mean that when you are there, you are further away from the next city then in any other city in the world.

And it’s flat. Very very very flat. Did I say it’s flat? It is flat. Proof:
Map of Perth, WA, Australia

GoogleMaps link

Why am I saying this? Well, to get a point across obviously. With all that space, you’d think that real-estate would be cheap. Very cheap. Apperently not so!

Perth house prices saw the annual growth rate come in at 45.9 per cent.

And I thought things where bad here. I live in a very expanding city, closed in by protected areas, with local politicians arguing wether we should build highrises or not, and in the meantime prices are souring. But not that much.

My dear love, which is a Perth native, told me

just build a new freeway, and kaboom! a new suburb

Funny, because in Norway, it sure as hell doesn’t work that way. It’s more like: build a new tunnel/bridge – and kaboom! the 15 locals complain about increased roadtaxes.

…and nobody continues to visit the valley or island.