About me

Welcome dear interwebbers.
I am a tall and dark goodlooking Norwegian. At least that’s what my girlfriend tells me. At work I spend my days hating Internet Explorer scripting CSS.

On my time off I sleep, drink single malt and enjoy my my better half’s delicious cooking – feeling like a macho from the dark ages, keeping the women in the kitchen. I try to read books, and not waste my brain with TV. Actually to the extent that I have unplugged my TV. So now it’s strictly for movies and Playstation. But then, most of my movies aren’t DVDs, and I’m to lazy to hook up my laptop to the TV every time, and I don’t really use the Playstation either. Hm. That might explain that grey layer on the TV. Ok, enough about the TV now!

Books – I like lamp books. Usually alot of webdevelopment related books, and thanks to my Amazon Wishlist I don’t think I’ll be running out of them anytime soon. Also particularly found of anything by Douglas Adams, so any comments referring to him or his writing gives browniepoints. Although the book/TV situation, I’m very found of gadgets. Specially Apple branded ones. Also the reason I have a 0$ phone with no WiFi, mp3, camera, yadda-yadda.

You can reach me on thatnorwegian[at]gmail.com or if you want to see my professional side, take a look at my LinkedIn profile.