One Joost beta invite

Update: It’s to late now. The invites expired on 22. March. Hint: If you can’t wait it might be worth checking out tv-links and Peekvid ;)

I’ve got one beta invite for Joost, the interactive TV thingy. So I’m gonna double copycat Eirikso – If you have a blog, post an article with a link to When you post a comment here I’ll use your email of choice to send the invite too. First come first served rules.

PS. Joost won’t work on PowerPC Macs. Sorry :(


7 responses to “One Joost beta invite

  1. Heey check out the footer, your link is site wide.

  2. Nevermind, got my hands on an invite already.

  3. Good for you Dizz :) This means the invite is still up for grabs. Like your site by the way.


    Just posted it to snapinput.

    Hope this counts!

  5. It sure does dave.

    Now I only need an email to send the invite too. If you don’t want to display your email here you can send it to thatnorwegian[at]

  6. jonas timo gustafsson

    HI , i sent you and email about an invite ..
    hope you get it .. cheers from the great white north of sweden .

  7. Got your email Jonas. But I’m sorry to say that it expired last week. Joost are apperently doing some changes to the site, I don’t know what though.

    I’ve already updated the post to reflect this, but I’ll make it more clear.