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The Z wants me

I’ve never seen a better workrelated reason to leave Norway. My dreamworkplace has a position up for grabs, but it ain’t gonna be for me. Instead of putting a list of crappy excuses, I’ll say that it’s to do with my current geographic location to these:

I. Want. This!

Now excuse me, but I have a portfolio to work on.


One Joost beta invite

Update: It’s to late now. The invites expired on 22. March. Hint: If you can’t wait it might be worth checking out tv-links and Peekvid ;)

I’ve got one beta invite for Joost, the interactive TV thingy. So I’m gonna double copycat Eirikso – If you have a blog, post an article with a link to When you post a comment here I’ll use your email of choice to send the invite too. First come first served rules.

PS. Joost won’t work on PowerPC Macs. Sorry :(

I won $950.000 in the lottery scam

Someone in Spain thinks I’m an idiot.

Today I received my first you’ve-won-the-lottery junk mail that made it past my spam-filter and into my inbox. Electronically. I’ve gotten one in analog-mail once, but that’s another post.

There’s so many wrong things with this I feel obligated to share, just for giggles. Here’s a the email in full. I’ll keeping all names and emails in here, as they are fuckers anyway.

from: Euromillion Loteria Español <>
subject: THE Euro Million lottrey award 2007.


Lottery Group: Consolation Prize Group Your ticket
number:ES/007/05/12/MAD. with Serial
number GHT/2907/333/07
drew the lucky number: ES/108/41/90/LOTT.


You have You have been approve for the star prize of $ 950,000.00 (Nine Hundred And Fifty Thousand dollars. Only)

Software email lottery conducted by SPANISH NATIONAL LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS here in spain

In which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered by
the Internet. Contact our Promotion Claims Agent.

National Trust Agency
Dr,Pualy Ulrich
Address: Avda .Del Petroleo 222 Polig
Madrid Spain.

Mrs. Grace Karimu
(Zonal Coordinator

And how many names and emails can one person use?

  1. The sender address is Euromillion Loteria Espanñol a.k.a.
  3. then there’s a “Promotion Claims Agent” – Dr,Pauly Ulrich (yes dr with a comma) with a
  4. email,
  5. finally it’s signed by Mrs. Grace Karimu Zonal Coordinator

Awesome! And with enough spelling mistakes to loose a spelling bee against Ralph Wiggum. A quick search on “Euromillion Loteria Espanñol” gives nothing but hits saying scam, spam, ripp-off, junk, burn in hell and so on. The absolute highlight is the following line (emphasis is mine):

[…]e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered by
the Internet.

So the Internet chose me to win a lottery i didn’t enter. That is so nice. Thank you Internet.

Why some people still fall for this is beyond my belief. Searching any of the names in the email gives hundreds of hits on blogs, designated anti-scam websites, forums and so on, all saying scam. And with what a to me surprisingly high number of people who have actually taken the bate. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, there are a lot of people who thinks the Google or Yahoo! homepage is “the Internet“, and will look for their lost passwords there. Or search for on AOL …

IE7 css filter hack

After much searching I found a css filter which targets IE7 only. I’m not going to enter the hack or not hack discussion, I’ll just say that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. The old star-hack filter for IE6 is fixed in IE7, but the solution wasn’t to far away. There is now the star-plus hack.

IE6 filter: * html #foo { new: value; }

IE7 filter: *+html #foo { new: value; }

But it is not straight forward. For reasons I don’t know, you can’t putthem together, say if you want the same value for all of IE. This will not work for IE7:

* html #foo, *+html #foo { new: value; }

So the whole rule must be repeated. But that is not all. For more reasons, also unknown to me, the star-plus filter will not always work. Then I must use the slightly more elaborate star-firstchild filter.

*:first-child+html #foo { new: value; }

I know sometimes this is needed, but if I have control of things myself I much prefer using conditional comments. Or not supporting out of date browsers.

Test, discussion and original post at Brothercake.

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Shuffle saviour?

iPod Shuffle 1.genOne of my favorite blogs for everything Apple related came with a hint on saving a dead iPod Shuffle. Which suits me perfect, my 1-gen Shuffle has been lying in the drawer waiting for me to try all sorts of diagnostics for a few months now. It’s gone so far that recently I’ve been looking for mobilephones with mp3 playing skills. Offcourse I could get a 2-gen Shuffle, they look pretty sweet. But I like my white piece of plastic. And I just got it replaced last summer, as the first one started melting.

Anyhow, I’m still at work, but can’t wait to get home and try the iPod Reset Utility.

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