CSShristmas spirit

I have been recieving great help from the css-discuss emailing list for almost 2 years now. Whenever I’m stuck there will always be a helpfoul soul out there that can fix my problem, or at the very least point me in the right direction. css-discuss has saved me from quite an extensive hairloss, no doubt about it.

But I’ve been very bad at helping others. Sham on me. So my newyears resolution comes a little early this year, and I’m gonna try to help one person every day. It really shouldn’t take to much of my time, and I’ll keep my css’ing up to date those weeks when I’m completly stuck in Photoshop or simular. Pluss I’ll earn some good karma.  And browniepoints.  mmm brooownieee. What comes around goes around. Offcourse, you could email me, or leave a comment somewhere here if that’s your thing.


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