I’m taking a couple months off work soon, to go traveling down under, which means I’ll need some money. Therefor I’m considering selling my wonderful orange Tonka-truck. If you live in Norway and feel the urge send me an email or leave a comment. The car is a 1982 Toyota Landcruiser HJ60 in very good shape. I’ll get some more photos on my flickr over the weekend.


2 responses to “Tonkatruck

  1. brummelhuis


    I like your TONKA truck, so this means I’m intrested. Way can only peope form Norway respond?

    If you are thinking of selling this car (to somebody from holland) what is the price.

    groeten Bob

  2. I’m happy you like it, it might have something to do with the colour perhaps? :)

    Anyways, that was 4 years ago. The car is long gone now. In fact, the buyer called me later and told that it sadly ended it’s life when the building it was parked in burned down.