Not Suing Microsoft

Can I sue Microsoft for stealing my whole day? I’m starting to see that I’m getting extremly spoilt in my little osX bubble. I don’t care how backwards compatible, customizeble, standardized and everybody-else-uses it Windows is. It is a royal pain in the ass.

Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at the big picture have a beer! I had charged up to have a massive rant about how useless everything Microsoft does is, all because I spent the whole day trying to find a way to install both IE6 and IE7 on parallels on my MacBook Pro. But at the end of the day I did something so increadibly wise I would like to promote myself as the next Messias. I had a couple of after-work beers with a workmate. Fucking brilliant!

That little buzz, pluss offcourse hanging out with someone I rearly get the chance to hang out with outside of work, changed my mindset completly. Alow me do demonstrate.

  • Hating the pissing rain
  • Hating the darkness
  • Annoyed by people getting in my way
  • Disliking the Zune (I read alot of blogs etc today)


  • Enjoying the fresh water from above
  • Thinking with this darkness snow is right around the corner
  • Believing Norwegians look rather quete, how they manage to dress and look well no matter the weather
  • Z<p><p><p>unes in black, white and …pooh?Feeling sorry for the poor Zune developers. Really, they must have tried, but some wise-ass executive ruined any good idea they’d come up with. Imagine putting that much effort into something marketed that hard, yet so destined to be a flop. Kinda like the guy who came up with New Coke.

Conclusion of the evening: I’m feeling rather happy now!


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